Our Stonemasons

Our expert teams of stonemasons are masters of their craft. With years of experience of creating elegant, personal memorials, they are also attuned to working with individuals and families who have lost a loved one.

As Gail Harney, one of our managers says: "I understand the importance of guiding families through the process of selecting and inscribing a lasting tribute for their loved one."

Steeped in years of tradition, our stonemasons use a variety of techniques, from hand-cutting inscriptions on memorials using a hammer and chisel to more modern techniques like sandblasting. They work with a range of materials, from granite and marble to natural stones such as York stone, Portland and slate.

Roy, a stonemason at one of our centres explains his work on a recent headstone: ‘We were asked to make a headstone for a man who had been a very keen fellwalker during his life. 

His wife explained this to us, and we suggested using a natural Lakeland slate, with a raw edge and simple inscription, to echo his love of walking. The family were really pleased with it.’